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Buying woodland is an increasingly attractive land investment opportunity and there is ever more woodland for sale on the market. In buying woodland an investor can make a potentially profitable investment whilst at the same time benefiting from the land in terms of its use as a leisure facility. Stressful modern lifestyles mean that people are progressively more interested in making the best possible use of their leisure time and, as woodland for sale becomes more affordable and more accessible, more people are willing to spend their money to ensure that they their own quiet place in which to unwind.

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Agricultural land

Investment land as a whole has increased in value and agricultural land is no exception. In fact premium quality agricultural land has become a highly desirable investment vehicle which is attractive to businessmen and farmers alike. Last November’s RICS rural land market survey stated: “Individual non-farmer buyers remain eager to enter the market, with agricultural land partly viewed as an alternative investment to the stockmarket.” High-yield arable land is in the highest demand, as it is the most profitable – it is also the most expensive. At the lower end of the spectrum agricultural pastureland offers strong investment potential at a lower price.

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As has been seen in the market for almost every type of land, the value of farmland has soared in recent years and this value hike is now attracting the attention of traditional investors as well as farmers. Buying private farmland has a duel benefit in that it provides a natural location for recreation or commerce, while at the same time providing a potentially lucrative vehicle for investment. Though prices are on the increase, investing in farmland is still an affordable land investment entry point.

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Grazing land

There are a variety of different grades of grazing land for sale in the UK and which one you choose is largely depends on the type of animals you wish to graze. For example sheep are happy to graze in the most inhospitable of places, whereas cows need lush pastureland and horses need flat land with loamy soil. As ever, location is all important and an acre of grazing land in a prime location would be far more expensive than hillside grazing land for sheep.

Additional Land Types

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