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Agricultural Land for Sale

We offer agricultural land for sale in many locations across England.

We also provide agricultural land off-market, which is typically sold at a lower price.

Please contact our agents at Vantage Land on 01727 890033 for all off-market opportunities.

Non-farmers are increasingly buying agricultural land as an alternative to traditional stock market investments.

Agricultural land is separated into two different categories, being arable land, and grazing/pasture land.

Arable land is the most in demand, and profitable, form of agricultural land. This is due to its limited supply and elevated demand.

Pasture and grazing land are much more common that arable and are not confined to the same specific needs, location and soil content.

Call Vantage Land on 01727 890033 for more information on land for sale or register to receive updates on off-market land and forthcoming sites.

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