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Plots of Land for Sale

Plots of land can be put to a number of different uses e.g. recreation, horticulture, or simply for their investment value. In many cases they are purchased for their potential as a long-term financial investment and if recent land value surveys are anything to go by plot prices are set to soar.

Plot prices are determined by a number of factors: the size of the land, its location, whether of not it has planning permission, if future development is probable.

The process of buying a plot of land is rather similar to buying a house although the sums of money involved are usually much smaller. Like a property deal, you will need a solicitor with the appropriate experience to represent your interests and any worthy land agent will insist that you use your own solicitor.

However, unlike property, there are no high street outlets specialising in land plots and the internet the preferred medium of communication for land agents and the most powerful land investment search too for the investor.

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