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Farmland for Sale

We have farmland for sale in many locations across England.

As land agents, we also provide off-market farmland, typically for at a lower price. Please contact our agents at Vantage Land on 01727 890033 for all off-market farmland opportunities.

Farmland can be used for a multitude of farm-based activities, which might include livestock, agricultural use and producing diary products.

In recent years, farmland has been soaring in value, which is now catching the attention of traditional farmers and land investors alike. Presently, this type of land is rising at 30 per cent, as astonishing increment for any form of holding.

With a nationwide confidence drop in commercial farming, many industry experts now believe there will be a rise in farmland ownership amongst non-farmers.

Buying farmland can provide one with a good location for commerce or recreation, and similarly offer a lucrative opportunity for the shrewd land investor. Despite the previously mentioned increase in land values, farmland still presents an investor an affordable entry into the land investment sector.

Call Vantage Land on 01727 890033 for more information on land for sale or register to receive updates on off-market land and forthcoming sites.

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