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We provide woods for sale across the UK.

We also provide off-market land which often includes woodland. Please contact our agents at Vantage Land on 01727 890033 for off market opportunities.

Woods are becoming a progressively popular purchase with private land buyers, having seen a great increase in demand in the UK over the past few years. Woodland owners can use their land for camping, walking, studying wildlife, paintballing, climbing, archery, and activities such as planting trees, which would almost certainly be prohibited in a public wood.

Previously, finding for woods for sale was a very difficult process as few people sold this type of land. Although perhaps still rare to find, woodland is now being offered by newly-formed land agents and private sellers across the county.

So, why would people be interested in buying woodland?

Well, firstly, land is a solid, tangible investment which will rarely (if ever) depreciate in value.

Secondly, woodland offers the owner the possibility of tax bonuses, for instance, woods are free from Inheritance Tax, meaning that the tax man doesn’t get his hands on increased land value, as he would do with property.

Most woods for sale are sold in units in excess of fifty acres to large, timber farming companies. However, taking into account that small private buyers would have little use of such a large acreage, land agents are now selling woodland in units between five to twenty acres.

The process of buying woods for sale is a relatively low-cost one and far simpler than purchasing a property. There would be a conveyancing fee paid to the solicitor (you can search around for the best quote) and insurance.

If you intend to buy woodland, always make sure you visit the land first. Some things cannot be accurately portrayed with just a few photos and a text description!

Call Vantage Land on 01727 890033 for more information on land for sale or register to receive updates on off-market land and forthcoming sites.

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