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Greenbelt Land

We hear a lot about greenbelt land in the media these days and predominantly the coverage focuses on the negative impact of developing on greenbelt land, from the point of view of those lucky individuals who already own houses in desirable locations' across the UK.

Labeled NIMBYs for their ‘not in my backyard’ attitudes, these people fail to realise that first time house buyers are the bedrock of the property market and without them there is no property market. If first time buyers are forced out of the market, as they are being, everybody loses out. Even workers such as doctors, nurse and teachers whose services are critical to the smooth running of the country, often can’t afford to live anywhere near to their workplaces

The simple fact is that there are not enough houses in the UK, and this situation is at its most extreme in the south east of England. In order to ease this crisis the government has imposed tough new housing targets on local authorities. These initiatives will entail the development of large areas of land in specific locations to accommodate the new houses, and most experts believe it is very likely that some greenbelt land will need to be used. Even the government, usually so protective of the green belt, has conceded that greenbelt development will probably be necessary.

Nobody is disputing the importance of unspoilt countryside in the UK but as the population of out small island increases is it realistic to rule out all development of these areas?

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