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Brownfield Land

Brownfield land is land that is or was formerly occupied by a permanent building that has become derelict or vacant and now has the aptitude for redevelopment.

Land including parks, allotments and recreational grounds which have not been developed in the past cannot be classed as brownfield.

There are sometimes cases where remains of a structure, such as an outhouse, cannot be considered an independent structure as they become so well incorporated into the land. When this happens, the land cannot be considered brownfield.

Contamination is a recurrent trait of brownfield land, as buildings which may have (previously) occupied the land include chemical factories and similar such structures. Contaminated land can vary in degree and severity and always requires an investigation to ascertain its nature and how to treat it.

Recent brownfield site reclamation projects including being developed for parks for the public, woodlands and most commonly for new housing development projects.

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