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Building Plots

Buildings plots for sale can come with or without planning permission. A good quality land agent will sell building plots in locations of high housing need, as these areas will have the highest potential for development.

Presently, the UK Government has outlined Ashford, the Thames Gateway, the M11 Corridor, Milton Keynes and London as its main areas of housing need.

Regardless of planning permission, land is considered a very desirable commodity that is constantly rising in value. The premium one would receive if a building plot received planning permission could be well over ten times the original value of the land.

With the United Kingdom facing a serious housing crisis and first time buyers being forced out of the housing market, John Prescott is now setting tough new housing initiatives on local governments. These aims mean that areas of greenbelt land may need to be developed along with brownfield sites in order to meet government housing targets.

Buying a building plot for sale had proved to be a solid investment for many investors and self-builders alike. The value of land has risen greatly in the past twenty years, rising by over 10 per cent in the South East in the past twelve months alone. The tangible nature of building land also means that it is far less likely to devalue than other, non-tangible forms of investment, such as stocks and bonds.

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